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Mic Microphone With Inbuilt Wireless Bluetooth Speaker- Pack Of 1

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Whether youre an aspiring singer or a professional journalist, our portable microphone is all you need for clear audio recordings, with noise cancelling technology and a built-in speaker, you can record songs, podcasts, interviews and more with the best microphone for karaoke wireless vocal microphone and speaker: using the in wireless Bluetooth technology, our microphone wireless player is great on the go, connect with your computer, phone or tablet to get started and enjoy up to 8 hours of singing .thanks to the lithium 2600mah battery. Easy to use design: complete with innovative technologies like a sound mixing chip, professional tuning buttons and USB compatibility, our kids microphone allows you to adjust the bass, echo, treble and volume or a truly customizable music experience. Professional : ditch bulky equipment and get the karaoke machine microphone of the future, made with aluminum alloy, its sleek, durable and undeniably stylish microphone system.


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