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Casual Transparent Clear Polycarbonate Square Unisex Sunglasses 157

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Type: Square Frames
Frame Material: Polycarbonate
Country Of Origin: India
Frame Size: – (in mm)
Eyewear Computer Glasses Are Fitted With Premium Anti Glare Lenses That is Designed To Give You Ultimate Protection From Harmful Rays and Unmatched Clarity and also gives You An Awesome Look Than Astonishes one who looks at it. Our Special Lens Coating has a Mesmerizing Effect On Lenses That Enhance The Look Of Glasses Many Folds.About Blu Lens Technology :- Featuring Blu Lens technology which helps in protecting your eyes by blocking the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices like your smartphone and computer as well as filter the UV rays from the sun | Ideal for Men & Women. ALVIA brand specializing in a youthful, fashion-forward innovative range of spectacles, sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, computer glasses, frames & specialized lenses.


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